Will There Be a ‘Buddy Daddies’ Season 2?

Buddy Daddies burst onto the anime scene like a ninja crashing a tea ceremony in 2023, stealing hearts and taking names—literally, since it’s about assassins turned accidental family men. Picture this: Kazuki Kurusu and Rei Suwa, your typical lethal duo, find their lives turned upside down when Miri Unasaka, a girl with a knack for stumbling into trouble, lands on their doorstep.

What ensues is a delightful blend of action and comedy, where these “daddies” navigate the dual challenges of parenthood and professional hits. Miri, initially a bystander, unwittingly becomes the glue that binds this makeshift family together, complete with all the chaos and heartfelt moments you’d expect.


The anime’s charm didn’t go unnoticed—cue the Crunchyroll Anime Awards showering it with accolades. Best Original Anime? Check. Nominations for Best Comedy and the “Must Protect At All Costs” character? Double check. Fans were hooked, eagerly awaiting news of a second season faster than Kazuki can draw a blade.

But alas, as of now, the official word is still MIA. Since Buddy Daddies isn’t cribbing from manga pages or light novel chapters, any sequel would need time to cook up its own plot ninja moves. Yet hope remains high in the anime ether, fueled by the passionate pleas of fans who want nothing more than to see their favorite unconventional family back in action.

So, keep your ninja stars crossed and your streaming platforms primed. Whether it’s the next Christmas miracle or a stealthy announcement, one thing’s for sure: the world of Buddy Daddies is one you won’t want to leave hanging.