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Business Upturn is an independent news media agency with headquarters in Mumbai. Launched on October 1, 2019, Business Upturn is responsive and dynamic English news publishing website.

Through news, views, analyses and interactivity, Business Upturn provides readers with a composite unbiased picture of the Cinema, Sports, Business, Economy, Technology, Telecom and Lifestyle.

You can follow Business Upturn on Twitter (www.twitter.com/businessupturn), on Facebook (www.facebook.com/businessupturn) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/business.upturn).

Business Upturn is now also available on Google News and DailyHunt.

About Founder:

Business Upturn is founded by Mr. Vipul Sipani in 2019. He is a qualified IT professional with over nine years of active working experience. He is a trained web technologist and a certified Ethical Hacker v8 security analyst. Vipul has also been a consultant with the detection and prevention of cyber crimes, with the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) of Rajasthan State Police.

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