Business Upturn has been a news source with headquarter in Mumbai, India. Our content provides visitors with the latest news concerning provincial issues as well as stories affecting India and the world. Business Upturn is widely respected for its focus on watchdog reporting, focusing on all levels of government.

The majority of our news is provided by staff writers. We have in-house & freelancers writers who are accredited journalists. Other news is provided by news agencies including the PR Newswire and Indo-Asian News Service (IANS). is owned and operated by Business Upturn (Partnership company) and licensed news publisher registered under MSME (Udyam) by Govt. of India.

As one of India’s most dynamic media house, Business Upturn serves up a comprehensive package of news and information to readers throughout country each day. Our ever growing network of media outlets includes Business Upturn’s quarterly magazine, flyer distribution services, commercial printing operations and one of most popular online news and entertainment properties.

Business Upturn is now also available on Google News, Dailyhunt and Flipboard.

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Asmita Thakkar

Asmita Thakkar is the Editor-in-Chief for Business Upturn. Asmita…

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News Editors

Arunika Swaroop

Arunika Swaroop is a third-year journalism student at Delhi…

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Vaishnavi Shree

A media enthusiast, Vaishnavi Shree is currently working as an…

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Keertiman Upadhyay

The author is a student of Multimedia & Mass Communication.…

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Calvin Baretto

Calvin Baretto, an undergraduate in sociology, revving sports…

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Content Team

Shivya Kumar

Shivya kumar Verma is a graduate in Public Policy . A media…

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Ishani Yadav

Ishani Yadav is a student of Journalism and Mass Media. A media…

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Abhinay Talkhedkar

Abhinay Talkhedkar is a Journalism, Mass communications,…

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Shubham Rai

Shubham Rai is a graduate in Journalism - Mass Media. A media…

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Nishita Sharma

Nishita Sharma is currently pursuing PGDM s in the field of…

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Bhaswati Sengupta

Bhaswati Sengupta is a third year Media Science student. She is…

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Bhomik Mathur

Bhomik Mathur is pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Mass Media…

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Vaibhav Agrawal

Vaibhav Agrawal is a third year Journalism student from Nirmala…

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Sweta Gupta

Sweta Gupta is a freelance writer and is currently pursuing a…

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Diya S.

Diya S. is a third-year student of B.Com at Mumbai University.…

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Adarsh Chaturvedi

Adarsh Chaturvedi is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in…

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Kamran Shaikh

Kamran Shaikh is a final year student of International Journalism…

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Shalom Saldanha

Shalom Saldanha is a TY BMM student in Journalism - Mass Media.…

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Aayushi Singh

Aayushi Singh is a third year student of Journalism and Mass…

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Faara Nadeem

Faara Nadeem is a sixteen year old author and poet who wants to…

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Mansi More

Mansi is a Third Year Journalism (BMM) student at Ramnarain Ruia…

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Shreya Mishra

Shreya Mishra is a 12th grade student at Jai Hind College,…

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Rizu Shukla

Rizu Shukla is a third-year journalism student at BBD University…

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Govindraj Muttepawar

Govindraj Muttepawar is a student from NMIMS, Mumbai. He is…

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Kunwar Devender Singh

Kunwar Devender Singh is contributor on Business upturn and can…

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Jaymin Shah

CEO at SocialGrid Media. He made a name for himself in the tech…

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