Is Ariana Grande’s ex-husband Dalton Gomez related to Selena Gomez?

Dalton Gomez, despite sharing the last name “Gomez” with Selena Gomez, is not related to the singer. Their only connection is coincidental, based solely on their surname. Dalton works as a real estate broker and is known for his preference for privacy, maintaining a low profile even though he is married to pop star Ariana Grande.

Speculation about any familial relationship between Dalton and Selena Gomez is unfounded and lacks substantial evidence. Both individuals are public figures, but their paths have only crossed in the realm of speculation. Dalton’s inclination towards seclusion adds to his mysterious aura, prompting curiosity about his background and personal life.


In contrast to his reserved nature, Dalton has been seen in the company of other celebrities over the years, such as Miley Cyrus. However, these associations are purely social and do not indicate any familial ties.

Regarding Dalton’s family background, details remain sparse. He has a brother named Dakota, who is a notable tattoo artist with clients including Noah Cyrus. Dalton’s wedding to Ariana Grande was kept relatively private, reflecting his preference for discretion even amidst the spotlight of celebrity.

Overall, while Dalton Gomez maintains a presence in celebrity circles through his marriage to Ariana Grande, any notion of familial relations with Selena Gomez is purely coincidental and lacks factual basis.