AIADMK candidate promises to give ‘washing machine’ after winning elections

AIADMK candidate Thanga Kathiravan’s unique promise of giving washing machine to every household on winning upcoming polls.

Politicians often promise various things to common public before election arrives. As Tamil Nadu is heading for legislative assembly elections, all the political parties and their candidates are trying their best to impress common people. Amid election campaign, an AIADMK candidate has come up with a complete unique election promise of giving washing machine after winning the elections.

On Monday, March 22, while campaigning, AIADMK candidate Thanga Kathiravan washed people’s clothes and promised to give washing machine after winning the elections.


In a video shared by the news agency ANI, the AIADMK candidate is seen sitting on ground and washing clothes. His supporters also clapped for him. Thanga Kathiravan is AIADMK’s candidate from Nagapattinam constituency of Tamil Nadu.

The legislative assembly elections in Tamil Nadu to elect 234 members will be held on April 6, in a single phase. This election is a direct fight between ruling alliance of BJP-AIADMK and Congress-DMK.