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iCarly Season 4 renewal on Paramount+: A delay amid industry shifts and strikes – Know more

The excitement expressed by Paula Kaplan and Cosgrove about the idea of reviving “iCarly” mirrors the sentiments of fans when they received the news. The plan was to reboot “iCarly” in a similar vein to other successful revival or spin-off series like “Girl Meets World” and “Raven’s Home.” Cosgrove, who was onboard with the concept, played a pivotal role in reuniting the original team. The creators were enthusiastic about infusing more mature themes and diversity into the show to cater to a wider audience beyond just kids. All of this groundwork was laid before the official announcement of the series revival in December 2020. It’s remarkable to think about the extensive efforts put in by the creators even before fans had a clue. Their dedication bore fruit, as the “iCarly” reboot struck a chord with viewers and successfully completed three seasons, with fans eagerly calling for a fourth.

However, the burning question remains: Has Paramount+ renewed “iCarly” for a fourth season? Unfortunately, the answer is still in the negative. The show remains in limbo, awaiting the green light for its next installment. The third season concluded on July 27, 2023, leaving fans wondering about the delay in renewal. The show’s renewal status is currently under consideration by Paramount+. The pacing suggests that a renewal decision for the fourth season might be expected around September or October.


Undoubtedly, the show has garnered commendable success, earning high ratings from loyal fans. It has even managed to secure the sixth spot on the list of popular shows, successfully channeling Nickelodeon viewership to Paramount+. The captivating dynamic between Carly and Freddie, coupled with the endearing brotherly interactions, adds to the show’s appeal. The show’s popularity itself serves as a strong reason for “iCarly” Season 4 to be greenlit.

However, there are a few factors that might contribute to the potential delay in the renewal process. Paramount+ is seemingly undergoing a merger with Showtime, and this transition might result in certain scripted series being dropped. The channels are likely to retain popular series and bid adieu to those with average reception. Thankfully, “iCarly” isn’t slated to be part of the latter category, given its rising popularity.

Another aspect that could be contributing to the delay is the ongoing strikes within the Hollywood entertainment industry. The Writers’ and actors’ strikes have commanded significant attention from production houses, leading to temporary halts in work. Although the situation has improved, it’s hoped that a resolution is reached swiftly to ensure everyone’s rights are upheld.

In light of these factors, it’s plausible that the fourth season’s renewal might experience some delays. However, if resolutions are reached and the strikes subside, the pace could pick up again. As fans eagerly await news, they can find solace in enjoying blooper reels and other related content to keep the spirit of “iCarly” alive. The continued enthusiasm surrounding the show’s potential for renewal is a testament to its enduring popularity and the endearing connections fans have with its characters and storyline.