‘American Horror Story: Delicate’ new poster reveals Kim Kardashian’s eerie transformation – Take a look

In the upcoming season of “American Horror Story,” titled “Delicate,” viewers can anticipate an intriguing and unexpected role for Kim Kardashian. Portraying the character Siobhan Walsh, Kardashian steps into the shoes of an aging actor, adding a fresh layer of complexity to the series. Initial reviews draw parallels between her character and that of Emma Roberts’ Anna Alcott, as depicted in early critiques of Valentine’s novel.

The latest  poster of the show has been unveiled, showcasing Kim Kardashian’s eerie appearance. In the poster, Kardashian’s horror-inspired look is brought to light. She is depicted wearing a black top, donning long grey hair, and sporting a vivid red lipstick. The ensemble is completed with a striking pair of glossy gloves.


Siobhan Walsh enters the scene with her own share of health challenges, but her character takes a significant turn as she mentors a protégé in her quest to conceive a child. The significance of Kardashian’s role in the show is evident, and fans are left speculating whether she will embody a cunning villain or perhaps become an early victim, considering the book’s lack of a comprehensive exploration of Walsh’s character.

In the book that serves as the inspiration for “American Horror Story” season 12, Siobhan Walsh is characterized as a seasoned actress, and interestingly, Kardashian’s casting fits surprisingly well despite her limited acting background. The show’s creators seem to have drawn on the shared backdrop of New York City and Kardashian’s age to effectively portray her as a “’90s It Girl” turned veteran actress.

The narrative of the upcoming season revolves around Anna Alcott, portrayed by Emma Roberts, an actress who becomes convinced that someone is deliberately hindering her efforts to conceive a child. Despite undergoing multiple unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, Anna is resolute in her belief that she is indeed pregnant.

The plot takes a dark twist as she experiences a miscarriage, or at least that’s what her doctor informs her. However, Anna’s unwavering conviction that the baby is still alive and moving inside her sets the stage for a chilling exploration of psychological and supernatural elements.

“American Horror Story: Delicate,” a creation by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, boasts a cast featuring a blend of seasoned performers and unexpected additions. In addition to Kardashian and Roberts, the roster includes Matt Czuchry as Dexter Harding, Cara Delevingne as Ivory, Annabelle Dexter-Jones as Adeline, and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Talia, among others. The show is set to premiere on September 20, 2023, on FX, with a unique format splitting the season into two parts.