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Accident or Conspiracy Godhra movie teaser out now: WATCH

The teaser of the upcoming film Accident or Conspiracy Godhra has been released and it promises to uncover some mysteries engraved years ago. The movie is based on the 2002 Godhra riots and it will precisely showcase the series of circumstances that have transpired, was it because of the accident or a conspiracy? The film is directed by M.K. Shivaaksh and is produced by B.J. Purohit.

The trailer unveils that the movie is based on true events and it will revolve around the attack that happened on Sabarmati Express and what caused the incident. After a lot of speculations going around the disastrous occurrence, this particular drama focuses on uncovering the truth behind the riots that damaged many lives. There’s a note in the teaser that goes as “This movie was made after a lot of hard work and five years of research. Many shocking facts were discovered during the research for this movie, which are well presented in the movie with proof.”

The Godhra riots occurred in 2002 when 59 Hindu travelers coming back from Ayodhya were killed due to a fire that erupted in the train near Godhra railway station. Soon after the incident, riots emerged in Gujarat and the Muslim community was being blamed. As of now, the reason for the fire remains unknown, but it was assumed that it was caused due to political benefits. The makers haven’t released the date for its arrival on the big screens. Although, the film assures to offer a lot of answers to the concealed matters.