Kim Ji Hoon joins Park Hae Soo and Kim Tae Hee for upcoming American series Butterfly

Kim Ji Hoon is set to collaborate with Kim Tae Hee and Park Hae Soo for Prime Video’s upcoming series Butterfly.

Ji Hoon’s agency Big Picture ENT announced that the actor has confirmed to appear in the new Amazon Prime series Butterfly.


The series, which is an adaption of graphic novel of the same name, tells the story of David Jung, played by Daniel Dae Kim, a mysterious former U.S. intelligence agent whose life is shattered by a choice he made and who is caught up in the past, chasing and being chased by the current agent Rebecca, who has been ordered to kill him.

Daniel Dae Kim will also be producing the spy thriller series.

The series, which comprises of six episodes, is set in Korea. The casting of Kim Tae Hee and Park Hae Soo were earlier confirmed in January.

However, the details around each other characters is still kept confidential.

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