Bae In Hyuk, Jung Gun Joo, Kim Ji Eun, and Jaechan confirmed to collab for new romance drama

Bae In Hyuk, Kim Ji Eun, Jung Gun Joo, and DKZ’s Jaechan have been confirmed to come together for the new Channel A drama Check In Hanyang.

The plot of the drama has been set in Joseon Dynasty and it is a historical romance drama that depicts the growth and love stories of youths who join as interns at Yongcheonlu, the largest inn in Joseon.


Bae In Hyuk, who will play the role of a priest Prince Lee Eun, will infiltrate Joseon’s largest guest house Yongcheonlu under the name of Lee Eun Ho while hiding his true identity for a special reason. However, he is unable to break his habits from the palace, getting on the instructor’s bad side, and becomes tangled with Hong Deok Soo, played by Kim Ji Eun.

Kim Ji Eun will be playing the role of Hong Deok Soo, who is a woman but dresses like a man. She is the general manager of Yongcheonlu who enters the inn as an intern. However, her path will cross with Lee Eun Ho, who is in the same group as her, making her anticipated for their relationship.

Jung Gun Joo’s character is the heir of Yongcheonlu, who has wealth as fortune and an elegant personality to match it with.

Jaechan will play Go Soo Ra, who is not concerned of what others have been saying about him, and he speaks without any filter.