Its Okay to Not Be Okay star Seo Yi Ji finally makes her Instagram debut

Seo Yi Ji launched her own personal Instagram account on April 26, which caught the interest of people online. Following the controversies, the most recent appearance was in the 2022 drama series Eve.

The image shared on her Instagram handle depicts the actress happily embracing who appears to be her stylist, as they stroll through the streets together, radiating a cheerful smile. Her innocent beauty shines through her long and wavy hair and her relaxed attire, comprising a striped shirt and jeans, contributes to the laid back ambiance.


For those who are unaware, the actress faced significant controversies in 2021, when she became entangled in allegations involving gaslighting her boyfriend, actor Kim Jung Hyun. She was accused of alleged bullying, abusing her power against staff members, and fabricating her academic credentials.

Despite of her denial with the controversies, the scandals went viral on the internet and had garnered a lot of attention. This had led to the Its Okay To Not Be Okay star halt her activities for that year.

In the subsequent year, she returned to limelight with the drama Eve, yet struggled to shake off the negative public perception.