ALICE’s Kim So Hee to marry her non-celeb boyfriend; Artist plans to retire post wedding

ALICE’s Kim So Hee announced recently that she will be getting married to her non- celebrity boyfriend, whom she has been dating for one year. The future husband is 15 years older than her and used to be a part of the entertainment industry earlier. The couple plans to register their marriage in May. A private ceremony will be held for close friends and family members.

The artist made the announcement of her marriage as she penned a heartfelt note. She mentioned that she met a person, who has helped her a lot in her journey and now they both are precious to one another have decided to take their relationship to another level by tying the knot.


Kim So Hee’s agency IOK Company confirmed that she will be getting married to her boyfriend. The agency also revealed that So Hee has decided not to renew her contract after it will expire in May. Moreover, she has reached the conclusion of retiring from the entertainment industry.

The artist made her debut in 2017 as a member of ALICE, which was previously known as Elris. The members of the group included EJ, DoA, Yeonje, Karin, Yukjung, and Chaejeong. They are known for songs like SHOW DOWN, and DANCE ON.