Will Smith talks about Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir

When Jada Pinkett Smith released her memoir titled “Worthy” last October, it sent shockwaves through the public with its candid revelations, particularly about her relationship with her husband, actor Will Smith. Known for their tightly knit family image, the memoir delved into the darker facets of their bond, shedding light on aspects that had previously been hidden from public view.

For Will Smith, the memoir was a wake-up call, revealing a side of Jada that he hadn’t fully appreciated in their long years together. He acknowledged her resilience, cleverness, and compassion, qualities that he realized had been overshadowed by emotional blindness over time. In his candid statement to The New York Times, Smith mused on how living with someone for so long can lead to missing out on their partner’s hidden nuances and subtle beauties, emphasizing the complexities of long-term relationships.


The revelation came against the backdrop of the infamous incident at the 2022 Oscars, where Will Smith shocked the world by slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage in response to a joke about Jada. This incident not only reverberated across the entertainment industry but also brought to light the troubled state of their marriage. Prior to the Oscars controversy, Jada had disclosed that she and Will had been living separately for six years, a fact that added a layer of complexity to the public perception of their relationship dynamics.

In the aftermath of the Oscars debacle, which resulted in Will Smith resigning from the Academy and facing a 10-year ban from attending its events, Jada expressed her surprise at being referred to as Will’s wife during his onstage confrontation with Chris Rock. By 2016, as she revealed to PEOPLE magazine, they had grown weary of trying to reconcile their differences, highlighting the strains that had led to their separation.

Amidst the promotional events leading up to the memoir’s release, Will Smith made a poignant appearance, describing their union as “a sloppy public experiment in unconditional love.” He publicly acknowledged the challenges and complexities of their marriage, thanking Jada for navigating through their “brutal” yet “beautiful” journey together.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir and the subsequent revelations have provided a rare glimpse into the personal lives of two Hollywood stars, challenging the public perception of their seemingly perfect relationship while underscoring the complexities of love and marriage in the limelight. As they navigate through these revelations, both Jada and Will continue to redefine their public narrative, grappling with the aftermath of their private struggles now laid bare for all to see.