Why did Taylor Swift’s favorite Kebab’s shop owner refuse the offer to attend the singer’s concert in London?

Taylor Swift has ascended to such celestial heights of stardom that her devoted Swifties are always hungry for every scrap of news about her, no matter how minuscule. This songbird has truly cemented her status as a living legend of our times.

Now, who wouldn’t leap at the chance to attend one of her concerts, especially with VIP tickets handed out by Swift herself? Well, meet Ahmed Khan, the kebab shop owner with priorities as firm as his skewers. He had the audacity to turn down this golden opportunity to attend her Eras tour.


Why, you ask? According to The Sun, Ahmed Khan, the proud owner of Kentish Delight in London, confessed that he had to pass on the offer due to being “understaffed.” That’s right, folks, the call of duty at the kebab grill outweighed the allure of Taylor’s melodies.

Khan reminisced that Taylor first graced his shop with her presence pre-pandemic, thanks to her then-beau Joe Alwyn, who was keen to show her his favorite kebab haunt. Despite her megastar status, Khan noted how refreshingly humble she was, mingling with everyone like a regular patron.

Swift’s affection for Kentish Delight’s kebabs hasn’t wavered. Her management recently reached out to Khan with VIP concert tickets, showing her enduring fondness for his culinary delights. They even placed an order for 45 kebabs on June 21st, planning to repeat the feast for the weekend shows.

Inspired by this superstar endorsement, Khan crafted a special menu item: the Taylor Swift Kebab—a delectable chicken doner in pitta with garlic sauce and salad. Talk about a tasty tribute!

Meanwhile, Taylor’s Eras tour has been a magnet for celebrities. On June 21st, Salma Hayek was spotted having a blast at the concert with pals Leslie Mann, Nicola Coughlan, and Jonathan Van Ness. The star-studded second night on June 22nd saw appearances from A-listers like Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Rachel Zegler. Even royalty joined in, with Prince William and his children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, soaking up the musical magic.

It’s clear that whether it’s through kebabs or concerts, Taylor Swift continues to enchant fans and celebrities alike.