What is the ‘Black Clover’ chapter 372 release date and why is it taking so long?

If you’re eagerly anticipating the next Black Clover manga chapter, fret not—it’s just about to make its grand entrance. Sure, the wait feels like an eternity, but there’s a perfectly good reason behind the delay: Yuki Tabata, the genius behind it all, is taking a breather to focus on his health (because, let’s face it, that’s more important than any manga cliffhanger!).

Despite navigating some health challenges, Tabata-san is still weaving his magic to bring us new chapters. And really, we can all agree he should take all the time he needs. Patience is a virtue, after all, especially when it comes to our favorite series.


Looking ahead to chapter 372 of Black Clover, the wait is certainly bearable. Plus, there are plenty of ways to keep the Black Clover spirit alive. With the recent success of the 2023 film, “Sword of the Wizard King,” and rumors swirling about an impending Season 5 of the anime, now’s the perfect time for a nostalgic rewatch marathon.


What is the ‘Black Clover’ chapter 372 release date

As for that elusive chapter 372, it seems we’ll have to hold our horses until August rolls around. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right?

Now, let’s rewind a bit and relive the epicness of Black Clover chapter 371. Picture Asta in battle mode, facing off against the formidable paladin Moris. The last of the Crimson Lions sacrifices themselves to shield Mereoleona, only for Moris to unleash his Earth Magic: March of Many Fools—a literal puppet show of earthen soldiers. Mereoleona counters with fire, but Moris ain’t done yet, boasting about his newfound powers from Lucius, challenging natural laws and all that jazz.

Just when things look bleak, cue Fuegoleon’s epic entrance after his own skirmish with guardian angels, turning up the heat (literally) and incinerating Moris’ army. Mereoleona, not one to be outdone, reveals a spell from her grimoire: Excercitus Leonum. She blazes brighter than ever, summoning the fallen Crimson Lions back as fiery specters to wreck havoc once more.

In the heat of battle (pun intended), Moris underestimates the human spirit, but Mereoleona ain’t having any of it. She’s all about evolution, not his petty god complex. One powerful strike later, and Moris is left in shambles—proof that humans can defy even the gods when the will is strong.

And that’s just a taste of why Black Clover has captured hearts and minds worldwide. Yuki Tabata’s creativity knows no bounds, and even with the manga’s move to GIGA for publication, fans can still get their fix on VIZ. So, hang tight, fellow aficionados—more Black Clover greatness is on the horizon!