What is Rubi Rose’s age? Rubi Rose’s confirmed age

Rubi Rose, who first captured attention in the Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” music video, is rapidly making a name for herself in the rap scene.


What is Rubi Rose’s age?

Leveraging the buzz from her video appearance, Rose has collaborated with artists like Playboi Carti, dropped her own mixtape, and amassed a massive following on OnlyFans and Instagram, where she boasts over 5 million followers.

Whoa! That’s a lot of success for someone so… young? Indeed! Born on October 2, 1997, Rose is just 26 years old. Her achievements seem even more impressive now, don’t they?

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, Rubi Rose comes from a diverse background. Her father is a Japanese and Black lawyer, and her mother hails from Eritrea. She has two sisters, Scarlette and Coral. Moving to Georgia during her junior year of high school, Rose later attended Georgia State University, where she studied politics.

Influenced by legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Future, Rose released her breakout single “Big Mouth” in 2019 and signed with Hitco Entertainment the same year. In 2020, she featured in the music video for Cardi B’s hit “WAP.”

Her mixtape, For the Streets, might not have garnered rave reviews, but it secured her a spot in the 2021 XXL Annual Freshman List, spotlighting the best up-and-coming rappers.

In the issue, Rose candidly addressed her reputation: “People just know me for being on Instagram, social media, whatever the case may be. Now, they are going to see me kill my freestyle, kill my cypher and know I’m really a rapping-ass bitch.”

We’re not here to argue—just to nod in complete agreement.