What is Riley’s deep dark secret in ‘Inside Out 2?’

Inside Out 2 not only introduced new emotions but also gave audiences a deeper look into Riley’s mind, especially in the intriguing post-credits scene which reveals her deep dark secret.

Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article contains spoilers for Inside Out 2.

A significant part of the sequel’s plot involves Anxiety banishing the old emotions, led by Joy, into a secret vault within Riley’s mind. Here, they encounter a mysterious hooded figure known as Deep Dark Secret, alongside other quirky characters like Bloofy, Riley’s favorite cartoon character, and Lance Slashblade, her video game crush.

While their initial encounter with Deep Dark Secret leaves much to the imagination, the post-credits scene finally unveils the mystery behind Riley’s deep dark secret.


What Happened In Inside Out 2’s Post-Credit Scene?

In the post-credits scene, Joy’s curiosity brings her back to the vault where she first met Deep Dark Secret. Driven by her care for Riley, she is determined to uncover the secret that has been bothering her.

Initially reluctant, Deep Dark Secret eventually reveals that Riley’s secret is her shame over burning a hole in a rug. Joy, relieved, finds this to be minor compared to what she had imagined—the time Riley peed in the pool. Embarrassed by the confession, Deep Dark Secret retreats back into the vault.


Will Deep Dark Secret Return in a Potential Inside Out 3?

Deep Dark Secret’s brief but memorable role in Inside Out 2 suggests there’s more to explore about this character. The hidden vault in Riley’s mind offers a rich avenue for storytelling in a potential Inside Out 3. Joy and the others only uncovered one vault, hinting at the possibility of many more, each housing different secrets and emotions.

The sequel’s cut characters, like Rebellion and Curiosity, might also inhabit these vaults, either as allies or antagonists. Deep Dark Secret could be the first of many intriguing secrets to emerge, each with the potential to create trouble or offer new insights into Riley’s psyche.

Inside Out 2 is now playing in theaters worldwide, inviting viewers to delve into the fascinating complexities of growing up and the hidden depths of Riley’s mind.