What grade Riley from ‘Inside Out 2’ is in?

It’s hard to believe, but nearly a decade has flown by since “Inside Out” first burst onto the big screen. It feels like just yesterday we were all marveling at the colorful emotions dancing through Riley’s mind. But alas, nine whole years have passed, and now, the highly anticipated sequel is finally here.

Fans were clamoring for “Inside Out 2” even while the original was still packing theaters. The demand was so relentless it seemed like Pixar might have gone temporarily deaf. But patience is a virtue, and in 2022, our collective hopes were rewarded with the long-awaited confirmation: Riley and her emotional entourage would indeed return.


And now, the sequel has graced us with its presence, already earning rave reviews for its poignant portrayal of a new chapter in Riley’s life. We’ve navigated the choppy waters of moving to a new city, adapting to a new school, and making new friends with her. Now, brace yourselves, because Riley is plunging headfirst into the tempestuous seas of puberty.


What grade might Riley be in during “Inside Out 2”?

“Inside Out 2” picks up a few years after the original, catapulting Riley from the safe shores of pre-pubescence into the treacherous territory of her early teens. She’s entering the rollercoaster known as puberty, a phase so universally dreaded that if given the choice, most would rather face a dragon than go back.

Puberty is a transformative, albeit tumultuous, time. “Inside Out 2” tackles this rocky road with finesse, showcasing both the highs and lows of this critical phase in Riley’s journey. Just as the first film masterfully captured the essence of being 11, this sequel dives deep into the complex emotions of a 13-year-old. Riley, now in 8th grade, is navigating the maze of adolescence—losing old friends, making new ones, and stepping into the awkward, exciting world of teenagehood.

Watching Riley’s evolution in “Inside Out 2” is nothing short of mesmerizing. And who knows? Maybe if we keep wishing on our lucky stars, “Inside Out 3” will take us through her high school years. Now that’s a rollercoaster ride we’d be thrilled to take!