What does Kylie Jenner has to say about negative comments?

In a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” 26-year-old mogul Kylie Jenner candidly addressed the ongoing scrutiny surrounding her appearance and alleged plastic surgery. During a heartfelt conversation with her sister Kendall Jenner, Kylie, the powerhouse behind Kylie Cosmetics, admitted her surprise at Kendall’s unwavering confidence amidst the relentless public judgment.

She openly discussed the challenges of maintaining self-assurance and feeling attractive under the harsh spotlight, likening it to a constant battle. Reflecting on hurtful comments and their impact, Jenner questioned the appropriateness of such criticism, particularly in personal and vulnerable moments. Despite these challenges, she marveled at her ability to still find beauty in her reflection and maintain a sense of dignity.


Paris Fashion Week in September 2023 became a focal point of Kylie’s narrative, where she opted for a more natural look with minimal makeup, only to face unwarranted scrutiny and criticism. Frustrated by the relentless judgment, she recalled instances where even her choice of minimal makeup was met with scrutiny, highlighting the paradoxical nature of public perception.

During an emotional exchange with a producer, Kylie revealed the emotional toll of enduring negativity for over a decade in the limelight. She questioned societal norms that allow such cruelty, particularly towards celebrities who are often dehumanized by public discourse. “Why is it acceptable to treat us this way?” she pondered, emphasizing the shared humanity that often gets overlooked in their public portrayal.

Kendall’s response mirrored a blend of defiance and resignation, shaped by their family’s enduring scrutiny. She lamented the dehumanization they frequently face, noting the lack of empathy extended towards them despite their shared vulnerabilities. Her remarks underscored a poignant critique of public perception and the challenges of navigating fame while preserving personal dignity.

In essence, Kylie Jenner’s revelations on “The Kardashians” shed light on the complexities of fame and the toll it takes on personal identity and self-worth. Her candid reflections challenge societal norms and advocate for greater empathy in public discourse, reminding us that even celebrities deserve to be treated with humanity and respect.