Singer Charlie XCX warns fans to stop chanting ‘Taylor is dead’ at her show!

Charli XCX continues to solidify her status as one of today’s most influential pop stars, effortlessly climbing the ladder of success with each new release. Recently, she made headlines not just for her music, but for her bold defense of fellow artist Taylor Swift against haters during a live performance.

During her Saturday show at the ZIGclub in Sao Paulo, Brazil, chants in Portuguese were heard saying, ‘A Taylor morreu,’ translating to ‘Taylor is dead.’ In response to this disrespectful display, Charli XCX took to her Instagram story to confront Swift’s detractors head-on. “Can the people who do this please stop. Online or at my shows,” she wrote, clearly expressing her disapproval. She went on to state that such behavior goes against everything she stands for and emphasized that she will not tolerate it.


This public show of support was not only commendable but also a powerful reminder of the solidarity among artists, especially women, in the industry. Charli XCX’s vocal defense of Taylor Swift underscored her commitment to standing up against negativity and fostering a supportive community.

The relationship between Charli XCX and Taylor Swift extends beyond this incident. Previously, Charli XCX had the honor of opening for Swift during her Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018, an experience she openly praised. In a statement, she expressed her gratitude, recognizing Swift as “the biggest artist of her generation” and acknowledging the magnitude of the Reputation Tour as one of the biggest in history.

2024 has proven to be a significant year for both artists on personal and professional fronts. Swift’s album “The Tortured Poet Department” and Charli XCX’s “Brat,” released on June 7, have garnered attention and critical acclaim. Beyond music, their personal lives have also made headlines, with Swift going public about her relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce, and Charli XCX announcing her engagement to 1975 band member George Daniel.

As these two powerhouse artists continue to navigate the complexities of fame, their resilience and mutual support serve as an inspiring example in the world of music. Charli XCX’s bold stance against negativity not only defends Swift but also reinforces the importance of unity and respect among peers in the entertainment industry.