Sienna Miller shares how her daughter, Marlowe, was almost cast in Kevin Costner’s western epic Horizon

Sienna Miller, 42 and still dazzling in Hollywood, is set to grace the screen in Kevin Costner’s highly anticipated western epic, Horizon: An American Saga. This film is particularly special as Costner himself wears multiple hats—director, producer, and co-writer.

In a recent chat, Miller shared some charming behind-the-scenes tidbits, including how her daughter, Marlowe, almost made her silver screen debut in the film.

Miller Reveals Near Miss for Daughter Marlowe in Horizon

According to a juicy article from Entertainment Tonight dated June 24, Miller revealed that her daughter Marlowe once visited the set and had the opportunity to feature as an extra.

“She was going to be an extra but she chickened out,” Miller confessed. She thought the film’s set, teeming with animals and people in stunning period costumes, was a fantastic environment for kids. “She just got shy,” Miller added, somewhat perplexed but understanding. “It was a perfect set for kids to be on because there were animals everywhere and people in incredible costumes, and he’s such a family guy.”

A Special Memory with Costner

Miller fondly recalled a special moment between Marlowe and Costner. “I have a photo of her and Kevin where he has one headphone in his ear and he gave the other one to Marlowe. He has his arm around her,” she reminisced. “It was so special. He’s such a family guy.”

Marlowe’s Future Behind the Camera?

Miller hinted that Marlowe might be more inclined towards directing than acting. “She makes films and they’re kind of amazing,” Miller proudly shared, suggesting we might see Marlowe’s name in the director’s credits someday.

Kevin Costner on Casting His Son Hayes

On the other side of the Horizon set, Costner also had a family moment by casting his 15-year-old son, Hayes, in the film. During a June 17 appearance on the Today show, Costner opened up about Hayes’s small role as Nathaniel Kittredge. He described Hayes as a “beautiful boy” and emphasized that he hasn’t pushed his children into the business.

Costner acknowledged the competitive nature of the industry, saying, “There are many young performers who would ‘kill’ to be featured in such a huge film.” He didn’t want to take away opportunities just to cast his own kids. However, he did admit to a bit of selfishness: “I selfishly wanted my son with me.”

Upcoming Release Dates

Horizon: An American Saga is set to hit theaters in two parts, with the first installment premiering on June 28, 2024, and the second part following on August 16, 2024.

So, while Sienna Miller’s daughter may have shied away from the spotlight this time, the buzz around Horizon promises plenty of excitement for fans of the Western genre and Costner’s family-centric storytelling.