Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has returned his Key to New York City at Mayor Eric Adams’ request

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has found himself embroiled in controversy recently, leading to significant repercussions both personally and professionally. Following the emergence of surveillance footage from 2016 showing a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend, singer Cassie, Combs faced condemnation from Mayor Eric Adams and a subsequent request to return his Key to New York City.

The decision to rescind Combs’ key came after Mayor Adams expressed serious concerns over the incident, emphasizing solidarity with survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. In a letter to CNN, Mayor Adams condemned Combs’ actions unequivocally, underlining the city’s commitment to upholding civic recognition standards.


The Key to New York City was originally awarded to Combs in September 2023 during a ceremony in Times Square, coinciding with the release of his album, “The Love Album – Off the Grid.” At the time, Mayor Adams lauded Combs for his contributions to music, business, and philanthropy, describing him as a significant cultural figure.

However, recent events prompted Combs to publicly apologize for his past behavior in a now-deleted Instagram video. Acknowledging the darkest moments of his life, he expressed deep regret over his actions captured in the 2016 video, categorically labeling them as inexcusable. Combs also disclosed ongoing efforts in personal development, including therapy and rehabilitation.

Despite his apology, Combs faces further legal challenges. Multiple allegations of sexual assault have surfaced against him, dating back several years, adding complexity to his situation. These allegations have not only triggered legal proceedings but also had profound professional consequences, including Combs’ decision to sell his majority stake in Revolt, the media company he founded.

Detavio Samuels, CEO of Revolt, confirmed Combs’ departure from the company amid the ongoing legal battles. Moreover, Howard University rescinded Combs’ honorary degree and returned a substantial donation from his foundation in light of the controversy.

As the fallout continues, Combs’ reputation and legacy in music and business face significant scrutiny. The unfolding events underscore broader conversations about accountability, integrity, and the impact of personal conduct on public recognition and professional standing.