Sakamoto Days chapter 170 spoilers out: Here’s what you need to know

In the latest chapter of Sakamoto Days, tensions escalate as Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Shin find themselves dangerously close to exposure during their seemingly innocent cake-fetching mission for Hana’s birthday. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Chapter 170:

Chapter 170 of Sakamoto Days is titled “Cake” and continues the intense narrative with high-stakes encounters and character development. Fans eagerly awaiting the latest developments were treated to a gripping continuation of the storyline.


Sakamoto Days chapter 170 spoilers

The chapter picks up with Torres, a member of the Order, suspiciously eyeing the disguised trio—Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Shin—as they navigate through a precarious situation. Oki, another Order member, notices Torres’ distraction and questions him, sensing something amiss.

Shin, already on edge, fears their cover might be blown, but Sakamoto calmly urges them to maintain composure and keep moving forward without pause. Oki, still eyeing the group, recognizes Aoi Sakamoto, Sakamoto’s wife, from official documents and inquires about Sakamoto’s whereabouts.

Playing their roles to perfection, Sakamoto denies any knowledge of his own whereabouts, attempting to deflect suspicion. However, Torres suggests kidnapping “Aoi” to lure Sakamoto out of hiding, prompting Oki to vehemently reject the idea citing new regulations prohibiting harm to civilians.

Torres dismisses the regulations as inconsequential, asserting that harming a few ordinary people wouldn’t matter in the grand scheme. Sakamoto, incensed by Torres’ callousness, struggles to contain his anger while Shin attempts to pacify him. Unfortunately, Shin’s disguise fails at a critical moment, exposing their identities to the Order members.

With Torres closing in and recognizing Shin, Nagumo swiftly intervenes by striking Torres, buying precious moments for Sakamoto and Shin to flee. The trio dashes away, pursued by the Order’s relentless pursuit.

Amidst the chaos, Tanabata, another member of the Order, unleashes a surprising attack using his guitar. A powerful soundwave resonates through the sewers and bursts out from a manhole, catching Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Shin off guard and sending them airborne.

As they recover from the initial shock, Tanabata follows up with more attacks, demonstrating his unique ability to manipulate sound waves with precision. The situation escalates further as Osaragi and Kamihate prepare to launch aerial attacks on Sakamoto and his companions.

Shin, demonstrating an unexpected power, manages to thwart Osaragi and Kamihate’s assault, providing a brief window for Sakamoto and the group to escape. Despite Torres’ inclination to pursue, Oki advises caution, wary of unforeseen consequences in engaging in unplanned combat.

Having narrowly escaped with their lives, Sakamoto expresses gratitude to Shin for his timely intervention. The trio reflects on the perilous nature of their mission and the risks it poses to their loved ones, particularly on Hana’s birthday.

As they regroup, Sakamoto and Nagumo lament the destruction of the cake intended for Hana, symbolizing the personal sacrifices amidst their ongoing battle against the Order. They ponder their next moves amidst the looming threats and uncertainties ahead.

Chapter 170 concludes with Sakamoto grappling with the weight of his actions and the looming danger his involvement brings to his family. He considers the possibility of leaving to safeguard his loved ones from further harm, reflecting on his place in the conflict and the sacrifices it demands.

In summary, Sakamoto Days Chapter 170 delivers intense action, suspenseful encounters, and pivotal character moments that deepen the narrative complexity and set the stage for further developments in this thrilling manga series. Fans can anticipate more twists and turns as Sakamoto and his allies navigate the treacherous waters of their clandestine battle against the Order.