Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher: A journey through their relationship timeline

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s marriage was an embodiment of love, laughter, and commitment that spanned over 13 years. However, their recent announcement of divorce in April 2024 came as a surprise to many.

Let’s embark on a journey through the highs and lows, the milestones and memories, that defined their remarkable relationship.


2002-2004: The Beginning of Forever The tale of Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher began in 2002 when they crossed paths at a party in Sydney, Australia. Cohen was immediately struck by Fisher’s humor and wit, foreseeing a life-changing connection. Two years later, in 2004, the couple got engaged, marking the beginning of their journey towards marriage.

2007-2010: Building a Family In 2007, Fisher gave birth to their first child, Olive, while simultaneously embracing Judaism, Cohen’s religion. The couple’s commitment to each other and their growing family was evident when they exchanged vows in a private Jewish wedding ceremony in Paris in 2010. This intimate celebration marked the union of two souls deeply in love.

2012-2019: Cherishing the Bond As the years passed, Cohen and Fisher continued to nurture their relationship, welcoming two more children, Elula and Montgomery. Fisher expressed her gratitude for their enduring partnership, likening marriage to winning the lottery. Their love and respect for each other shone through in both their personal and professional endeavours, with Fisher praising Cohen’s dedication and perfectionism during their collaboration on “The Brothers Grimsby” in 2016.

2020-2021: Embracing Home In a significant shift, the couple decided to relocate to Fisher’s homeland of Australia in 2020. Amidst outings with friends and family, they found solace and happiness in the serene landscapes of Perth. Despite their celebrity status, Fisher remained adamant about shielding their children from the public eye, emphasising the importance of privacy and respecting their rights.

2024: April 5, 2024, marked the end of an era as Cohen and Fisher announced their decision to part ways after 13 years of marriage. In a heartfelt statement shared on social media, they reflected on their journey together, acknowledging the mutual love and devotion that would forever bind them as co-parents to their three children.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s relationship was a testament to enduring love, mutual respect, and unwavering commitment. Though their paths may diverge, their shared memories and cherished moments will forever remain etched in their hearts. As they embark on separate journeys, we extend our wishes for healing, growth, and continued happiness to both Sacha and Isla.