‘Kitchen Nightmares’: Is Diwan Still Open?

Yes, Diwan, the Indian restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares during its season 8 finale, is still open in Port Washington, New York. Despite some challenges and reverting back to its original menu after Gordon Ramsay’s initial changes, the restaurant continues to operate with a mixed reception among patrons.

After Gordon Ramsay’s visit in June 2023 (episode aired in December), Diwan underwent significant transformations including new safety measures, a streamlined menu, and a redesigned interior. These changes initially garnered positive responses, reflected in the restaurant’s average Yelp rating of 4.1 stars.


However, according to various sources including Reddit users, Diwan eventually reverted to some of its original menu items. Bobby, the owner, cited customer preferences for the old favorites as the reason for this shift. Despite these setbacks, Bobby has maintained his role as the owner and has been seen working in the front of the house, as per reports from visitors.

One of the standout personalities from the episode was Fernandes, the waiter at Diwan, who became a fan favorite for his passion, kindness, and humor. Although there were hopes among fans that Fernandes might transition to working with Gordon Ramsay in one of his restaurants, he has continued to work at Diwan.

In conclusion, while Diwan has faced its share of challenges post-Ramsay’s intervention, it remains operational and continues to serve customers in Port Washington, offering a taste of Indian cuisine amidst its evolving journey.