Is Vanna White leaving ‘Wheel of Fortune?’

For over four decades, Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been fixtures on our TV screens, dazzling audiences with their charm and wit on Wheel of Fortune. But in a plot twist worthy of a game show finale, Sajak announced his retirement after the 41st season, leaving fans both stunned and nostalgic. Enter Ryan Seacrest, set to take the wheel as the new host starting this fall.

Sajak’s swan song on Wheel of Fortune is scheduled for June 7, coinciding with the season 41 finale. As the iconic duo prepares to bid adieu, speculation buzzes about whether Vanna White, the letter-turning virtuoso, will follow suit.


In an interview with People, White confessed she pondered departing alongside Sajak. The thought of Wheel of Fortune without her longtime on-screen partner tugged at her heartstrings. “It definitely is bittersweet,” she admitted. “But he’s decided to retire, and I have to accept that.”

But fear not, aficionados of the letter-revealing maestro! White recently inked a new deal ensuring her presence on the show through the 2025-2026 season. Rumor has it she negotiated a well-deserved pay bump—her first in 18 years. With her future secure for at least two more seasons alongside Seacrest, the question remains: what comes next after her contract reaches its final spin?

White expressed enthusiasm about teaming up with Seacrest, citing his professionalism, talent, and kindness. “He’s a pro,” she praised. With Sajak’s farewell episode just around the corner on June 7, the transition to a new era under Seacrest’s helm promises to keep the iconic show spinning into the future, filled with surprises and, undoubtedly, more letters to turn.