Is Kanye West being accused of sending ex-assistant ‘offensive’ texts

In a recent legal dispute, Kanye West’s former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta, has accused the rapper of sending her inappropriate and explicit text messages, leading to a contentious legal battle. Here’s a breakdown of the allegations and Kanye West’s legal team’s response:


Lauren Pisciotta’s Allegations:

  1. Sexual Content in Texts: Pisciotta claims that Kanye West sent her unsolicited texts detailing his sexual encounters, including one where he allegedly boasted about taking Viagra and engaging in a lengthy session with an A-list celebrity.
  2. Requests Involving Others: Another alleged message from West asked Pisciotta for contact information to facilitate sexual encounters for unnamed individuals, stating his preference for hearing details of these encounters while engaging in intercourse himself.
  3. Sexual Preferences and Fantasies: Pisciotta also alleges that West discussed his preferences for infidelity scenarios and expressed fantasies about being “arrested for f–king the s–t” out of his assistant.


Kanye West’s Legal Response:

  1. Denial of Allegations: West’s legal team vehemently denied all of Pisciotta’s claims, labeling them as “baseless” and accusing her of attempting to extort or blackmail the rapper.
  2. Counterclaims: The legal response included accusations that Pisciotta stole West’s phone to delete evidence after her employment termination. They further claimed that she was terminated due to being “unqualified” and making unreasonable salary demands, including allegedly requesting $4 million.
  3. Characterization of Pisciotta: Additionally, West’s attorneys characterized Pisciotta’s conduct as “lascivious” and “unhinged,” aiming to discredit her allegations and portray her actions in a negative light.

The legal battle between Kanye West and Lauren Pisciotta underscores serious allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct. As the case unfolds, both sides continue to present contrasting narratives, with significant implications for the outcome of the dispute.