Is Inside Out Set To Get A Spin-Off Series?

The whimsical world of Inside Out has once again dazzled audiences by delving into uncharted regions of the protagonist’s mind in its highly anticipated sequel. But Disney, the entertainment behemoth, has even grander plans for the franchise, according to insights from Pete Docter.


The Future of Inside Out: A Disney+ Series on the Horizon?

Curious about the future of Inside Out? Wondering what new adventures lie in Riley’s gray matter? Stay tuned to uncover the secrets!

Pete Docter on What’s Next for Inside Out

The original Inside Out captivated moviegoers, and its sequel left their minds reeling with excitement. Despite the extensive research and creativity poured into Inside Out 2, the studio believes there’s still a vast landscape of emotions and experiences to explore in this beloved animated universe.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Pete Docter, Pixar’s chief creative officer, shared the studio’s vision for the future of the franchise. When asked about the possibility of an Inside Out Disney+ series, Docter couldn’t hide his excitement.

“We’ve wrapped it up. It’s set to premiere next spring,” said the Monsters, Inc. director.

While Docter didn’t confirm an exact release date, he offered a tantalizing glimpse into the series’ theme. “Remember when we peeked into Dream Production to see how Riley’s dreams were made?” he asked. The upcoming Disney+ series will delve deeper into the “power of dreams and their impact on our waking lives.”

Despite recent box office setbacks, Pixar is not shifting entirely towards sequels and reboots. In an interview with Bloomberg, Docter emphasized that original storytelling remains a cornerstone of Pixar’s philosophy. He revealed that the studio has two new, original films in the pipeline.

One of these is Elio, announced at the D23 Expo in September 2022 and slated for release on June 13, 2025. The title of the second project remains under wraps, adding to the intrigue.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to dream big with Inside Out and other Pixar masterpieces!