Is DCU’s new ‘Blue Beetle’ animated series a sequel to the film, or a spin-off?

The Blue Beetle movie might not have smashed box office records, but it’s earned itself a gold star in the quirky yearbook of the DCEU. Thanks to Ángel Manuel Soto’s deft direction and Xolo Maridueña’s electrifying performance as Jaime Reyes, it’s become the diamond in the rough of Warner Bros.’ superhero stable. Seriously, it’s like finding a truffle in a box of donuts.

And guess what? James Gunn, ever the cheerleader for underdog heroes, couldn’t wait to invite Maridueña to join the DCU’s latest project: an animated Blue Beetle series. Deadline spilled the beans, revealing that while the animated show will riff off the movie’s vibe, it’s steering clear of retelling the exact same origin story. So, no need for a flashback montage of how Jaime got his beetle-themed powers—been there, done that, got the t-shirt.


Instead, think of the animated series as a remix. It’s like when your favorite band drops an acoustic version of their hit single—it’s the same song, but with a fresh twist that keeps you grooving. This time, Jaime Reyes will be zooming into new adventures and challenges, while still nodding to the groundwork laid out by the film.


Is the Blue Beetle animated series a sequel to the film?

According to the scoop, the animated series is set to “build on the movie… but divert from telling the same story.” Translation: we’re not getting another round of Jaime Reyes discovering his powers and navigating the hero gig. Nope, this show’s going rogue, taking Jaime’s journey in new directions while still riffing off the movie’s vibes. It’s like remixing your favorite song with a fresh beat—familiar yet refreshingly different.

So, if you’ve already seen the Blue Beetle flick and marveled at how Jaime Reyes got his superhero groove on, fear not. The animated series won’t rehash all that backstory. You can dust off your memory banks from the DCEU and piece together Jaime’s origin puzzle, even if this new show dances to its own animated tune.

In true comic book fashion, this setup lets DC play hopscotch with timelines and storylines, giving fans multiple dimensions of their favorite characters. It’s like having your cake, eating it too, and then discovering there’s a secret compartment with extra frosting.

As the DC Universe gears up for more shenanigans with the Creature Commandos animated series and a new Superman flick hitting theaters in 2025, it’s clear they’re cooking up a superhero stew with plenty of surprises. So, buckle up, because whether you’re a die-hard Jaime Reyes fan or just curious about the Beetle craze, there’s bound to be something quirky and heroic headed your way.