With 78% vote, Putin to remain in power in Russia until 2036

This Referendum, which in the first place was delayed by a long time, is Putin’s way of telling the world that he still leading a ‘Democracy’


The President of Russia, officially The Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has managed to do what he wanted, by securing a positive mandate from the people of Russia. It was only at the beginning of the year, that the Russian strongman decided to shuffle his cards to entrench himself deep in the political and administrative equation of the largest country in the world. When it comes to this referendum, in particular, the voting process that came to pass, over a period of a week, as a result of the coronavirus restriction has bestowed their President’s another series of tweaks to the constitution with an overwhelming agreement, as 78% out of the 98% of the population who cast their vote decided to espouse the constitutional changes that had brought into force by the administration, earlier this year.

As mentioned before, it was earlier this year, before the pandemic struck globe, and brought it to its knees, that Russian Federation saw a change in its paradigm as it’s then Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev quit his position to pave way for another close ally of Putin, Mikhail Mishustin, who was also responsible for collecting taxes and maintaining checks and balances, who as the Director of Federal Tax Services had a significant impact, with his hands-on, tech-driven approach. These aforementioned changes are said to allow Putin, with the immunity to sustain in power by being everlasting halo of political sustenance, enduring the challenge of time in the power circles of Russia, irrespective of the constitutional position he wields.

This inundating victory is also a sign of what he expects from his people, this, because, according to many experts, Putin was at no obligation to hold such a referendum to seek approval. But, even when the former KGB officer decided to go with this unprecedented protocol, his mission was not to seek approval but to prove a point by reinforcing his hold over the country, in “Democratic” manner, with people’s consent.

This move from the President is also observed as a step to silence his critics not just inside the federation, but outside the country as well, as the international community has often dubbed his regime as a mafia-style dictatorship. But this result will only boost his fortunes as the virtual Godfather of the Russian Federation