Vladimir Putin expresses urge to stop eastern expansion by NATO

“We want to ensure our security. We put it straight: ‘There must be no further expansion of NATO eastward,” said President Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his urge to stop eastern expansion by NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) eastward, in order to ensure security. He welcomed upcoming talks with the USA in Geneva and at the same time kept forward his demand against the deployment of weapons to neighbouring countries at the marathon annual news conference in Moscow.

“We want to ensure our security. We put it straight: ‘There must be no further expansion of NATO eastward. What is unclear here? Are we putting missiles next to the United States’ borders? No, it is the United States that has come to us with their missiles, they are already on our doorstep,” said President Putin.
He mentioned that Russia cannot live in constant anticipation of the security threats posed by the possible deployment of Western weapons in Ukraine forever and hence a strict action is required. The previous five waves of NATO expansion were also put into light at the conference.

Russia has placed its demands against granting Ukraine NATO membership already last week. While the presence of Russian troop build-up along the border has invoked invasion fears already in its neighbours. on the other hand, United States President, Joe Biden, has warned Vladimir Putin that Russia will have to face severe consequences if it plans to attack Ukraine whereas Putin has denied any such allegations of planning attacks.

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