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US State Secretary Blinken says Russia is failing in war aims, Ukraine is succeeding

With the West and its allies supporting Ukraine, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Russia is losing its war.

Russia for over 2 months has been continuously bombarding Ukraine and pretending that it has dismantled Ukraine to dust. However, with the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken’s recent visit to Ukraine’s Kyiv, the scenario is completely different.


Blinken revealed at a press conference after meeting President Zelenskyy, “I see that Russia has failed to break the spirit of Ukrainians, and for sure an independent and sovereign Ukraine will emerge and will be the last one standing.”



Anthony Blinken committed to injecting $322 million in military aid to Ukraine and confirmed that with time US diplomats will return to Ukraine. This aid adds up to $3.7 billion in aid given to Ukraine so far since the invasion.  Apparently, media persons were barred from accompanying the elite secretaries on this trip and their meet-up with President Zelenskyy lasted for 90 minutes.


Since the full-blown war Russia unleashed on Ukraine on 24th February, this was the very first visit by a senior US personnel and on this trip Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin accompanied Anthony Blinken. This was a closely guarded visit and complete details of the meet-up were not reported until the entire delegation was back safely to Poland.


And close to 15 nations from Central and Eastern Europe including the Balkans, have pledged to support Ukraine with another $400 million in military aid. This will definitely equip Ukraine with stronger artillery and personnel to combat the Russian offensives.


President Zelenskyy met Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin in an underground train station in Kyiv late Saturday night.