UN calls for an emergency special session of the general assembly today

United Nations Security Council headquartered in New York City, convened a special emergency meeting today to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia will be held responsible for violating the UN charter and international peace and stability.

On Monday 28th February the 193 member General Assembly will be convened by the United Nations Security Council. The western allies’ conglomerate will step up their efforts to completely boycott Moscow.

Vassily Nebenzia, Russian Ambassador to the UN had voted for an emergency meet-up, whereas India, China and UAE avoided voting for or against and Russia obviously voted against the resolution.


The UN General Assembly later this week will vote on a resolution to target Russia as it has blatantly violated the UN charter. Putin has exacerbated the crisis in Ukraine by positioning his nuclear team on offensive alert.

Zelenskyy agreed to send his Ukrainian officials to meet their Russian counterparts at the Ukraine-Belarusian border close to the Pripyat River; however on no ” pre-conditions” from Putin.

Its a dangerous move made by Belarus to approve Russian troops to enter its territory to attack Ukraine and it has approved to shift its status from Non-Nuclear to Nuclear.