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Japan PM Suga and Joe Biden discusses about China’s influence in Indo-Pacific region

Japan and United States had a serious talk about China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific region, both countries have decided to oppose any change in the status quo.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, on Friday, announced that Japan and the United States held serious talks about China’s influence in the Indo-pacific region and that both the countries agreed to oppose any attempt at changing the status quo by force in East and South China seas.

“We also discussed free and open Indo-Pacific. We agreed that Japan and United States will take the lead to promote the vision through concrete efforts. We will also cooperate with other countries including ASEAN, Australia and India,” Suga announced at a press conference after holding a meeting with US president Joe Biden.

He further stated that both the countries had serious talks about the growing influence of China on the peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific and the world at large. The two countries have agreed to oppose any attempt to change the status quo by “force or coercion” in the East and South China seas, and intimidation of others in the region.

Suga’s statement has come at a time when Chinese activities in the East and South China Seas has caused serious concerns among its neighbours.

On the question of Taiwan and rights issues in Xinjiang, the Japanese PM said that the two leaders have thoroughly discussed the circumstances in Taiwan and Uyghur autonomous. “There is already an agreement over the importance of peace and stability of Taiwan Strait, between the United States and Japan, which was reaffirmed on this occasion,” the PM added.

The Japanese Prime Minister further added that the alliance of the two countries had served as a foundation of peace and stability for the Indo-Pacific region and the world. Suga said that the two countries have engaged in a “far-reaching” and candid exchange of views, on each other’s political principles and challenges faced by each of their nations.