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Here’s everything you need to know about Server Rooms


In simple words, a server room is a vital area for businesses which is set up to house equipment such as computer servers. Generally, such rooms are specifically and originally designed for this purpose only, or they are created as needed. Either way, businesses must maintain a good server room as it provides an environment where different equipment, including computer equipment, can operate safely in a separate location such that networking and other activities become effective and easier.

To create and maintain a server room effectively, it is important to understand a few things, such as the appropriate size and unique design aspects of a server room. So, let’s begin!

About Size of a Server Room


Generally, in IT communities, a server room is considered a relatively smaller area, which measures up to a few hundred square feet. And, when this room increases in size and houses computer equipment, it usually becomes a data center. However, technically, a server room can be of any size.

In certain situations, a server room might also serve different purposes, such as an office space, a storage area, or others, because of which the server room may not be laid out in a standard way. This, in turn, can impact the efficient management of a server room’s environment, including cooling and airflow.

Unique Design Aspects of a Server room


When small businesses begin to expand and require computer servers and other equipment, it is common for them to dedicate a specific area or room for placing such equipment. In such situations, they designate a small or temporary location that can house a few equipment.

However, whenever a company plans to design or upgrade an area or room to a server room, they need to set up a few important things. Moreover, with a well-sought plan in place, you can avoid a multitude of problems that might come up later. Therefore, for allowing your technical equipment to operate properly, it is important to have a majority of the following design aspects added:

  1. Precise Environmental Control 

It is essential for a server room to have sensors that can measure humidity as well as temperature. Additionally, the environmental control systems should be able to maintain the entire room temperature at desired levels.

  1. Airflow Planning 

As computer equipment and servers generate an immense amount of heat, a proper airflow plan can help avoid ‘hot spots’ and eliminate heat from the room, reducing the chances of damage.

  1. Cable Management Solutions

As the server rooms usually have miles of cables, it is important to design the room properly and strategically to allow the cables to run under the floor or through the ceiling. This helps avoid messes.

  1. Redundant Power Sources

For ensuring that the equipment remains running every time and avoiding power surges that can potentially damage the servers and other equipment in the room, it is important to have redundant power sources.

  1. Physical Security 

As server rooms have really expensive equipment and invaluable data, it is important to deploy physical security measures to keep them safe.

What Equipment are Included in a Server Room?

Once you’ve set up your server room, you can start installing actual equipment. Depending on the needs of businesses, every server room will have different things within it. However, a few common things you might find in every server room are:

  • Server Racks
  • Computer Servers
  • Routers & Switches
  • Network Cabling
  • Cable Management Equipment

Apart from understanding important equipment of server rooms, it is vital to keep your equipment and server room safe and secure.

How to Keep Your Server Rooms Secure?

It is important to maintain the security of server rooms. Here are a few practices you can follow to keep your server rooms secure:

  • Map vulnerabilities
  • Keep the doors locked
  • Install security cameras
  • Incorporate motion sensors
  • Provide a layer of security with secure cabinet racks

Now that you know a majority of basic things about server rooms, it might get easier for you to set up a server room for your business. However, for availing of expert advice, it is always advisable to get in touch with professionals who have extensive knowledge about designing and upgrading server rooms as well as IT room solutions.