InnoLight Technology’s Breakthrough: The 800G OSFP112 LRO AOC

InnoLight Technology introduces the 800G OSFP112 LRO AOC, a revolutionary solution for hyperscale data centers and HPC systems, offering high-speed, cost-effective data transmission.

InnoLight Technology’s unveiling of the 800G OSFP112 LRO AOC (Active Optical Cable) marks a significant milestone in the evolution of optical communication technology, particularly in the context of hyperscale data centers and High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems. As data traffic demands continue to skyrocket, the need for faster and more efficient transmission solutions has become paramount.

AOCs play a crucial role as building blocks in these data centers and HPC systems, enabling the seamless transmission of data at high speeds over extended distances. The 800G OSFP AOC, in particular, offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional optical transceivers and patch cables, making it an ideal choice for 800G connections within racks and between adjacent racks.


One of the key challenges in optical communication technology has been keeping pace with the exponential growth in data traffic. To address this challenge, there has been a rapid iterative upgrade of optical modules, leading to increasingly higher transmission rates. The 800G OSFP AOC represents a significant advancement in this regard, offering a solution that is not only cost-effective but also highly efficient.

Traditionally, optical communication products in the 400G and 800G range have relied on complete DSP (Digital Signal Processing) solutions. While effective, these solutions can be complex and costly to implement. Additionally, the emergence of LPO (Linear Phase Optics) as a promising alternative has been hindered by compatibility issues, making it difficult to deploy in large-scale applications.

InnoLight’s 800G LRO AOC addresses these challenges by utilizing TX DSP and in-house SiPho PIC (Silicon Photonics) technology. This combination of technologies enables the 800G LRO AOC to deliver optimal performance while keeping costs in check. By leveraging the benefits of both TX DSP and SiPho PIC, InnoLight has created a solution that not only meets the demands of modern data centers but also sets a new standard for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in optical communication.

The deployment of the 800G OSFP112 LRO AOC represents a significant step forward in the evolution of optical communication technology. Its ability to deliver high-speed data transmission at a lower cost makes it an attractive option for data center operators and HPC system providers looking to enhance their infrastructure. As data traffic continues to grow, solutions like the 800G OSFP112 LRO AOC will play an increasingly important role in meeting the demands of tomorrow’s digital world.