VidMate 2020 APK: Read this before you download on Android

Latest update of VidMate is now live. The VidMate 2020 version 4.3802 is now trending and millions of people are downloading it. Here we discussed if the VidMate app is worth downloading.


VidMate 2020 apk is trending nowadays and the latest version of the application is claimed to be safe for users. But is it safe to download on Android? let’s discuss it.

There is no denying the fact that the highest number of searches in the app section is for the Vidmate app and it is a matter of debate whether the apk is safe to download or not? Absolutely, it is safe to download but still, the question arises what will happen once we download the app. If you are the one who is downloading the VidMate apk, read this till last.

VidMate 2020 apk

First of all, VidMate is not listed in Google Playstore and when we found why the result was way different than we thought earlier of that the VidMate apk is a Chinese app which may be stealing your device data.

VidMate is Chinese App?

Yes, VidMate is a Chinese App, it is developed by UC Web developers, which is a part of the biggest tech giant from China, Alibaba.

VidMate 2020 apk is safe or not?

We doesn’t recommend to download any application which is not available at Google Playstore as it may present various threats to your private data and personnel security. The application also violates the Youtube policy and we should not download any videos without the permission of the creator itself.