Premier League: UK Government set to allow limited number of fans back in stadiums

Limited number of fans will be allowed inside stadiums after the initial 4 week lockdown ends on December 2.

The UK Government announced on Monday that when the lockdown ends on December 2, a certain number of fans would be allowed back in the stadium depending on what Tier the particular club falls under.


Stadiums in areas placed in Tier 1 will be permitted to welcome 4,000 socially distanced fans or half of the stadium’s maximum capacity, whichever is fewer.

For stadiums falling under Tier 2, 2,000 socially distanced fans or half of their maximum capacity will be granted entry. (whichever is fewer)

And then stadiums in areas placed in tier 3 will have to continue to hold events behind closed doors.

English newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ also shed some light on certain rules the fans would have to follow when they are back in stadiums.

“Fans could be ordered NOT to sing, shout or drink alcohol when they finally return to football grounds,” reports the Newspaper.

Fans of clubs all over the world have been wanting to go to stadiums and support their teams. Although the number of fans will be minimal, it’s still better than not having fans at all.