Arijit Singh’s performance leaves Mahira Khan in awe: He’s blessed from above

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan recently had the privilege of attending Arijit Singh’s concert in Dubai, where she witnessed the Indian singing sensation deliver an electrifying performance that left her in awe. Taking to her Instagram, Mahira expressed her admiration for Arijit’s humility and talent, describing the experience as witnessing an artist “whirling in joy, surrounded by love.”

Arijit Singh, renowned for his soulful renditions in Bollywood, mesmerized the audience at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena with his soul-stirring melodies on Sunday. Hits like “Tum Hi Ho”, “Raabta”, “Kabira”, and “Chaleya” filled the air, captivating fans of all ages. Among the enraptured spectators was Mahira Khan, who couldn’t help but share her enchantment with Arijit’s performance on social media.


In her Instagram post, Mahira Khan not only praised Arijit’s vocal prowess but also commended his humility as an artist. She emphasized that despite his immense talent, Arijit remains grounded, acknowledging that his gift is a blessing from above. Such humility, she noted, adds an extra layer of beauty to his performances and endears him to his fans even more.

“I wasn’t meant to be here for this.. but.. I guess I was. You know what I mean? What a pleasure it is to watch an artist perform.. whirling in joy, surrounded by love. But more than that, it’s beautiful when you see humility in an artist.. because he knows, it isn’t him.. he’s just been blessed from up above,” she wrote.

During the concert, a heartwarming moment unfolded when Arijit Singh, in the midst of his performance of “Zaalima” from Mahira Khan’s Bollywood debut film “Raees,” realized that the actress herself was among the audience members. Although he initially failed to recognize her, Arijit graciously acknowledged his oversight and extended his gratitude to Mahira for her presence. The touching exchange exemplified Arijit’s genuine nature and garnered admiration from both fans and fellow artists alike.

“You guys must be surprised, should I reveal? I should reveal it in a nice way. Can we have the camera there? I was trying to recognise this person, then remembered, I had sung for her. Ladies and gentlemen, Mahira Khan is sitting right in front of me,” Arijit said.

“Think about it, I was singing her song ‘Zaalima’ and it’s her song and she was singing and standing and I couldn’t recognise her. I am so sorry. Ma’am gratitude and thank you so much,” he added.

Mahira Khan’s presence at Arijit Singh’s concert not only underscores her appreciation for music but also reflects the camaraderie and mutual respect shared between artists across borders. With her popularity extending beyond Pakistan to India, Mahira’s attendance served as a testament to the universal appeal of Arijit Singh’s music and the power of art to transcend cultural boundaries.

The song “Zaalima,” for which Arijit Singh provided playback vocals alongside Harshdeep Kaur, holds a special significance in Mahira Khan’s cinematic journey. Composed by Pritam and penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya, the track remains a beloved favorite among fans of the film “Raees,” starring Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan.