Pro Kabaddi League: Game between Haryana Steelers and Telugu Titans ends in a draw

Haryana and Telugu end the stunning game with a score of 39-39.

The match between Haryana Steelers and Telugu Titans ends with a draw, the score being 39-39. The game was bizarrely played by both the teams but ended with the score being equal.

Captain Vikash Kandola was witnessed to be one of the crucial players as the skipper led his team with a fantastic job from the attacking unit. Vikash successfully earned his fifth “Super 10” of the season.


Telugu on the other side changed the game for the fans and the opponent as the final second tackle led them to a point that helped them to take the game towards a tie. Haryana is now in position 3 on the table as they gained three points. 

Haryana was also assisted by Rohit Gulia’s initiated points as Rohit helped team Haryana for an early lead, as the team won their first raid in the first minute of the game. The score around the fifth minute was 4-1 as Haryana’s Rohit helped to keep earning points from the attacking unit while Mohit and Jaideep defended Telugu’s raid.

Within the 10 minutes of the game, Kandola earned a stunning Super Raid, gaining three points for the team and helping the team to increase the lead to 11-4. Before 15 minutes into the game, Haryana’s game changed as they fell for an “All Out”, turning the score to 14-9.

Telugu Titans too suffered from an “All Out” as team Haryana carried their way back to a high-lead game but towards the first half of the game, the score was close enough, 20-19 by halftime.

Rohit’s intense game continued in the second half too as he gained his 5th raid of the game, helping to take the score with a lead of 24-20 by the 24th minute. The stunning raid by Rohit did not hold for more than a minute as Telugu Titan’s Super Raid helped the team to decrease the leading gap. By the end of the 30th minute, the score was 30-28.

Around the 37th minute, the fans witness skipper Vikash helping the team to regain the team’s lead by earning his 6th successive raid. The score before was 38-33.

Vinay was successful to take a point in the final minute of the game, and Kandola, unfortunately, was not able to complete his final raid as the time got over, with scores being at 39-39.