Passenger escapes from moving plane in Los Angeles; Here’s what happened

A flight passenger had to be detained and admitted to the hospital on Friday night after he unexpectedly jumped out of a moving plane at Los Angeles International Airport, the authorities had said.

Flight operated by SkyWest, united express flight no 5365 to the Salt Lake city which was slowly pulling away from the gate approximately around 7 p.m., when this passenger attempted to exit the plane.


Before exiting he had attempted and tried to breach the cockpit of the plane, after that he managed to open the service door of the aircraft and jumped out through the emergency slide onto the tarmac.

The airport authority immediately took him into their custody on the taxiway after the incident took place. he was treated for the injuries which were not life threatening, but he was shifted to the hospital immediately.

The airport authority mentioned that after the incident took place, the aircraft had to return to its gate, the flight was delayed by more than 3 hours and could not take off. they also added that no other passenger or crew was injured during the incident, said the FFA ( Federal Aviation Administration).

The FBI ( Federal Bureau of investigation) was given the responsibility to handle and investigate this matter. In just 2 days, this was the 2nd similar accident that took place at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The FFA lastly said that earlier this month more that 3000 such cases were reported wherein unruly passengers tried breaking out.