Operational reasons force Go First to cancel flights until 19th June 2023, promising assistance and resolution

Passengers affected by flight cancellations urged to seek support from Go First customer care

In an unfortunate turn of events, Go First, a prominent airline, has announced the cancellation of its flights scheduled until 19th June 2023 due to operational reasons. The company sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused to passengers affected by these flight cancellations.

To rectify the situation and resume operations promptly, Go First has initiated an application for immediate resolution and revival. This proactive step demonstrates the airline’s commitment to swiftly resolving the operational issues at hand. Passengers are assured that Go First is working diligently to restore normalcy and resume flight bookings in the near future.


Go First deeply appreciates the patience and understanding of its passengers during this unforeseen disruption. The airline recognizes the inconvenience caused and seeks to mitigate the impact as much as possible. To facilitate communication and support, affected passengers are encouraged to contact Go First’s dedicated Customer Care Centre at 1800 2100 999 or via email at [email protected]. By reaching out, passengers can provide valuable feedback and seek personalized assistance to address their specific concerns.

The team at Go First is fully committed to assisting passengers affected by the flight cancellations and is eager to ensure a satisfactory resolution for each individual. Passengers are encouraged to communicate their needs, queries, and any other related issues to Go First’s dedicated customer support team. By actively engaging with affected passengers, Go First aims to alleviate concerns and provide suitable solutions tailored to each situation.

As the airline navigates through this challenging period, Go First remains focused on its commitment to providing reliable and efficient air travel services. With the support and cooperation of its valued customers, Go First is determined to overcome the operational hurdles it currently faces and emerge stronger than ever.

Passengers impacted by the flight cancellations are urged to stay updated through Go First’s official communication channels for further updates on the resolution process. The airline assures its passengers that their needs and well-being are its top priorities and that every effort is being made to rectify the situation swiftly.

Go First expresses gratitude to its passengers for their understanding, patience, and continued trust. The airline remains committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences and looks forward to serving its valued customers with renewed vigor once normal flight operations are restored.