FlyBlade India launches helicopter service from Bengaluru to Tirupati, catering to pilgrims' travel needs | Business Upturn

FlyBlade India launches helicopter service from Bengaluru to Tirupati, catering to pilgrims’ travel needs

FlyBlade India introduces same-day return helicopter services from Bengaluru to Tirupati, providing convenient travel options for pilgrims visiting Tirumala Tirupati.

FlyBlade India, a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and Blade Air Mobility Inc., has introduced a convenient same-day return helicopter service for pilgrims visiting Tirumala Tirupati. The company will operate flights from HAL airport in Bengaluru to Tirupati airport, allowing travelers to make a quick journey to the revered destination. The morning flights are scheduled between 09:15 am to 09:30 am, while the return flights operate in the evening between 04:00 pm to 4:15 pm.

With a capacity of up to five guests, FlyBlade India offers the option to book seats through crowd-sourcing or charter services. The cost for this exclusive service is set at ₹3,50,000, excluding the applicable GST charge. Bookings can be conveniently made on the BLADE India website or by contacting the flyer relations team at 1800 102 523.

FlyBlade India has been actively expanding its services in Karnataka, providing connectivity between Bengaluru and popular destinations like Coorg and Kabini through by-the-seat helicopter services. They have also established a seamless connection between Bengaluru International Airport and the city center. The pricing for the Coorg and Kabini routes starts at Rs. 20,000 per person, while the airport connection costs ₹4,500 per person. Moreover, the company has plans to enhance its landing points within the city in the near future.

Amit Dutta, Managing Director of BLADE India, expressed the company’s mission to bridge the accessibility gap and provide transportation options to popular destinations that lack adequate connectivity. FlyBlade India aims to cater to the travel needs of individuals seeking convenient and efficient modes of transportation.

In a strategic move towards sustainability and innovation, FlyBlade India has also formed a partnership with Eva Air Mobility, an electric vertical aircraft (EVA) manufacturer. This collaboration is aimed at preparing for a transition from conventional helicopters to electric aircraft. As part of the agreement, FlyBlade India plans to acquire up to 200 EVE Aircraft by 2026, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally friendly aviation solutions.

Having initially launched its services in Maharashtra back in 2019, FlyBlade India facilitated travel between Mumbai, Pune, and Shirdi. With its continuous expansion and introduction of new routes, the company is set to revolutionize air travel by providing efficient and accessible transportation options to a wider audience.