Xiaomi to showcase its SU7 electric sedan on June 9 in India

The much anticipated electric vehicle SU7, which was recently unveiled, has quietly made its way to India due to Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi. On July 9, the tech giant is expected to unveil the vehicle during an event in India. This suggests that the Chinese company may have its eyes set on the Indian market when the Xiaomi SU7 EV is eventually released.

Xiaomi hasn’t disclosed its launch plan for the SU7 in India, despite the intention of showing the vehicle here. This appears to be an attempt by the company to examine how things stand in the Indian EV market.

As Xiaomi marks ten years of doing business in India, it’s very likely that the company is considering joining the country’s quickly growing electric car industry.

Regarding the Xiaomi SU7’s features, the Chinese market offers the electric car in two different configurations. A fully charged Xiaomi SU7 battery can travel up to 668 kilometres on a single charge, but another variant boasts an astounding 800-kilometre range. With a maximum top speed of 265 kmph and the capacity to go from 0 to 100 kmph in less than three seconds, the Xiaomi SU7 can operate like a sports car.