Volkswagen’s Advanced Modular Architecture: Significant features revealed

Volkswagen is said to be developing an innovative ‘MEB+’ architecture, as reported by industry insiders. The focus of this development is to further enhance the capabilities of the existing MEB platform, particularly in terms of range and charging speed.

Notably, upgraded batteries will be utilized in the new chassis to achieve a remarkable driving range of over 700 kilometers on a single charge while reducing the time required for charging. In addition, Volkswagen has set an ambitious target of electrifying 80% of its passenger vehicles in Europe by 2030, showcasing its commitment to sustainable mobility and a greener future.



Volkswagen has provided a glimpse of the upcoming 2024 Tiguan for the international market, building anticipation for its debut. The next-generation Tiguan will make its initial appearance in Europe.

The teasers reveal that the new model will undergo significant design updates, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. While specific details regarding the powertrain remain undisclosed, industry reports suggest that the 2024 Tiguan will likely offer a range of engine options including petrol, diesel, and plug-in hybrid variants.

Volkswagen aims to provide a compelling and versatile driving experience with its latest Tiguan iteration.