Kia Seltos hybrid expected to enter market by 2025

Kia is set to unveil a hybrid version of its best-selling product, Seltos. The vehicle is planned to go into production next year and arrive in the home nation before the end of 2025.

The forthcoming vehicle is part of the company’s future plans, which include introducing nine hybrid cars by 2028. To be clear, the company has not yet announced or shared any information regarding the Seltos hybrid. However, several reports indicated that it share related hints later this year.


According to the report, if the Seltos hybrid is introduced, it will be available with a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. Customers will benefit from bigger mileage and a smoother driving experience when compared to the current version.

The forthcoming vehicle is anticipated to feature the same hybrid technology as Hyundai’s Kona. The model can use a larger engine alternative, such as a 32 kW electric motor. It might be powered by a 1.6-litre hybrid unit, as seen in the Kona.

Customers can expect a maximum torque of 265 Nm and an overall output of 140 BHP in terms of power. A 6-speed dual-clutch transmission will be paired with the system and an optional “electronic” all-wheel drive-through electric motor will be offered.