Krithi Krithivasan to officially take over as TCS’s new CEO beginning 1st of June

K Krithivasan will take over at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as its new CEO on June 1, 2023, where he will serve a 5-year term in his new position.

On Wednesday, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced that the Chief Executive Officer K Krithivasan would take over the role he now holds on June 1, 2023. He will serve in this capacity for the next 5 years after his appointment.

“We wish to inform you that the Board of Directors of the Company have, at its meeting held today, appointed Mr. K. Krithivasan as the managing director and Managing Director of the Company to take over from Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan with effect from June 1, 2023, subject to the approval of the shareholders. Mr. Krithivasan will succeed Mr. Gopinathan as managing director and Managing Director of the Company. His appointment will be in effect for a period of time equaling five years, “said TCS in the application that it made.


Rajesh Gopinathan, who most recently served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, will be succeeded by K Krithivasan, who will assume those roles going forward.

“It is really gratifying to reflect back at our great increase in FY 2023, which comes on top of the rise in the mid-teens we saw in the previous year. The robustness of the demand for our services is borne out by the size of our order book, which also provides us with an indication of our potential for expansion over the next several years. Together with Krithi, I am working diligently to ensure that the leadership transition that will take place over the next few months will be as painless and unnoticeable as possible for all of our constituents and that TCS will be in a strong position to capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead “said Rajesh Gopinathan.

TCS reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 11,392 crore for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 23 (Q4FY23), an increase of 14.76% compared to the profit of Rs 9,926 crore reported for the same period in the previous fiscal year.