UK PM Boris Johnson arrives in Ahmedabad for a 2-day visit to India

Boris Johnson wishes to ensure the bilateral ties with India boost trade and commerce in the UK and in India as well.

Today early morning, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson landed in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat State. He is on a 2-day visit to India to strengthen Indo-British ties. He is going to announce key project investments in major developing industries in India and give impetus to both the country’s economy and political unity.

Boris Johnson wants India and the UK to stand tall and strong amidst threats from ‘autocratic states’, and he wishes to ensure the bilateral ties with India boost trade and commerce in the UK and in India as well.


Downing Street released an official statement, “Day 1 Boris Johnson will reach Ahmedabad and meet and greet prominent business leaders, establish mutually benefitting ties in verticals of trade and commerce and inter-personal relationships. On day 2 he flies to New Delhi to meet PM Modi. Gujarat is home to India’s finest production and manufacturing industries. and lakhs of Gujaratis have settled in the UK since time immemorial.”

Boris Johnson’s trip was planned weeks after Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary UK paid a visit to PM Modi in a request to Isolate India from Russia and possibly stop depending on Russia for its defense needs. As India maintained a neutral stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The world knows Russo-Indian ties are quite thick and goes back to decades of dependence on strategic systems and trade. Recently India renewed its military and defense deal with Russia for a 10-year contract when Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to PM Modi in December last year.

Boris Johnson stated, “I am here to further advance our ties with India for a free-trade agreement which we spoke earlier this year about. It has been estimated that partnering with India alone will increase UK’s economy by the year 2035, by 28 billion pounds. This is the right time for strengthening our trade ties with India.”