Tamil Nadu extends lockdown till July 19, gives some relaxation

Lockdown in the state was scheduled to end on Monday. Shops and restaurants can now stay open till 9 pm

As the daily COVID-19 cases are drifting with around  3,000 cases as a mark, the Tamil Nadu government has further extended the lockdown, until 19th July. The lockdown was supposed to be lifted up on Monday 12th July with a new set of guidelines, as per the maturing of the prevalent situation, inter-state bus transport (private and government), cinema halls, bars/pubs, swimming pools, cultural/political events involving the public, educational institutions and zoos will remain closed.

The wedding attendees will remain at 50, whereas for funerals the limit has been set at 20.


Besides this there will be major relaxations on all shops, commercial activities that were permitted till 8 pm will be permitted to function till 9 pm, bus services to Puducherry will resume, hotels, tea-stalls, bakeries, roadside shops, can be open until 9 pm with 50% occupancy.

As per the current report of Friday active cases, the Tamil Nadu government said that the state had over 33,000 cases active. RT-PCR testing rate is also consistent at 1.5lakh per day. Of that which 25.13 lakh persons tested positive since the start of the pandemic, 24.46 lakh have recovered and over 33,000 have deceased.

Recently we saw that Delhi has also opened up some parts with relaxation with respect to that there have been few relaxations in Maharastra Mumbai, over the lockdown in Mumbai there has been a relaxation in the afternoon whereas night curfew is still imposed.