Supreme Court asks for a committee to debate the farm laws

Supreme Court of India restated for a committee to reside for discussio on farm laws.


The Supreme Court of India, restated the requirement of a committee to reside for discussion on the farm reform laws. This would stay their implementation if the panel said so.

The SC bench said, “Whether you have faith or not, we are the Supreme Court of India, we will do our job.”

The farmer’s protests were caused when the court asked the Centre to halt the implementation of the new farm reform laws. News reports indicate that the court would stay the laws if the Centre did not do so.

Attorney General KK Venugopal, representing the government, argued, narrating Supreme Court precedents saying that the courts could not stay legislation.

The apex court expressed its disappointment with the way negotiations between the Union Government and farmers’ unions were handled over the agricultural reform laws. The top court, added, it did not have a “single petition” which said the agricultural reform laws were beneficial to the farmers.

Thousands of farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana have been demonstrating their anger and grief through a sit-in-protest along Delhi borders. This protest started on 26th November, 2020.

The farmers demand a complete undoing of the new farm reform laws and a guarantee on the Minimum Support Price (MSP) system being retained.

Different round of talks between the Centre and the farmers’ union leaders have ended in a stalemate. Protesting farmers fear that new laws will breakdown the MSP system and corporatize farming. The Centre and the ruling BJP have remained with their statement that these laws will benefit farmers.