Kerala: Rahul Gandhi inaugurates Amrut Drinking Water Project in Wayanad

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached his parliamentary constituency Wayanad. Here, while targeting the central government and hospitals, he said that many hospitals in our country are working completely as corporate machines. This is not a good trend.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi reached his parliamentary constituency, Wayanad. Here he participated in the inauguration ceremony of Amrut Drinking Water Project in Mananthavady, Wayanad. Rahul Gandhi addressed the public of his constituency there are and discussed harmony, peace, respect and affection in the country.

“With development, we also have to think about the nature of the country we’re living in. Are we creating a harmonious, affectionate and loving country? Is ours a country that looks after the weakest? Or are we developing the country and forgetting about the most basic human values? Harmony, peace, respect and affection are crucial to developing the nation,” said Rahul Gandhi.


“People who have easy access to water underestimate how difficult it is when you don’t have access to it. With the inauguration of the Amrut Drinking Water Project, many more people will have direct connections to water at their homes,” added Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to his Lok Sabha constituency is crucial before the 2024 general assembly elections. The Congress MP had already hinted at re-contesting from Wayanad seat of Kerala.